Have you always wanted to get into Mobile Marketing and never knew where to start?

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This Guide will show you all the hidden ways to maximize your business for the Mobile Internet World. It will also show you all the resource links that aren’t currently easy to find without investing time you may not want – or have – to spend.

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Mobile Cash Madness is Jam-packed with a wealthy of information on everything you always wanted to know about Mobile Marketing:

16 volumes with over 241 illustrated pages - Here's what you are getting!

Volume 1 - Mobile Marketing 101: (13 pages) delivered in PDF Format

What is mobile marketing?

What makes mobile marketing attractive?

Nine Major Types Of Mobile Marketing:

Facts and Figures for the mobile industry

Mobile Marketing Statistics

Mobile Marketing Glossary

Volume 2 – Mobile Marketing Overview (17 Pages) Delivered in PDF Format

Ride the Mobile Marketing Wave

What is SMS?

How to stimulate a Buzz with Mobile Marketing?

Promotional Techniques for Mobile Marketing

Generate Profits with Mobile Marketing

The various ways of Mobile Marketing

The best tips before going Mobile

Make more money by going Mobile

Volume 3 - Building your Mobile Website (21 pages) Delivered in PDF Format

Designing mobile sites is a different kind of web design

How to use Wordpress plugins to build a Mobile Site

Extensive list of where you can build Mobile site for Free

Mobile Advertising

How to Prioritize your Mobile Website

Ideas on how to create your Mobile site

Make money with mobile advertising

What to have on a Mobile Site

Volume 4 - Building Mobile Sites for Offline – Start your own Mobile Business Site (5 pages) Delivered in PDF format

Building Mobile Sites for Offline can be very lucrative.

List of places to go offer your services for Mobile Site

How to put together a mobile websites for offline?

Introduce yourself to business owners – show them facts

Volume 5 - Submit your Mobile Site (9 pages) Delivered in PDF format

Mobile Seo Secrets

Getting Traffic to your Mobile Site

What are the benefits of submitting to directories?

How to Optimize your Website for Mobile Search?

How to optimize your site for Location?

Top Major Mobile Search Engines

Branding your business with Mobile Website

Top Mobile Website Directories

Volume 6 - List Building with a Mobile (8 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

What to promote on a Mobile Phone?

How to build you squeezepage for Mobile?

Strategies for a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

Tools you need to create a Squeeze Page

Volume 7 - Text Messages is SMS – (12 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

List of Text Messaging Service

How to Make Money from Text Messages

What you can do with Text Messaging

Start your own Text Message Subscription Service



Volume 8 - Mobile Commerce also know as M-Commerce - (10 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

Integrating Mobile into a Company’s Strategy

Solutions for Mobile Transactions

The Modern Requirement For Business Development

Future of Mobile Commerce



Volume 9 - Build Apps with your Mobile - (20 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

Statistics and Facts on Apps

Which Platforms to use for developing you apps

How to make Money with Apps.

Great free tools to build your own App

Forums, Tutorials, Ressources for Apps



Volume 10 – Make Money with Mobile Coupon - (13 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

What are Mobile coupon benefits?

The “green” factor of Digital Coupons

Where to find Coupon Apps?

List of Coupon Merchant to run your campaign

Drive traffic using Mobile Coupons

Facts and Statistics about Mobile Coupons


Volume 11 – Make Money with Mobile CPA - (12 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

What is Mobile CPA?

Maximise your earning potential with these Mobile Publishers

Mistakes made by publishers

How to optimize your earnings

Tips for ads


Volume 12 – The Opportunity of Mobile Email - (12 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

What is Mobile email marketing first of all?

Tips to make sure you you do it right on your mobile

How to Build your list with Mobile Marketing

How to attract new subcribers?

Statistics and Facts about email

Volume 13 - Become a Mobile Marketing Consultant - (4 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

Three steps to Become a Mobile Marketing Consultant

Educate yourself in Mobile Marketing

Choosing your Specialization

Self Familiarization


Volume 14 - Mobile Marketing with QR Codes - (18 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

What is a QR Code?

How do QR Code work and how to make one?

QR code generator

Why use QR Codes?

Where to use QR Codes?

Great companies to track your QR Codes

Should you use QR codes for marketing strategies?

QR code reader for your smartphone

Facts and statistics about QR codes

Volume 15 - Replace your Full-time Job and Earn Cash with Mobile Phones - (38 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

How to Start an Online Cell Phone Store

Make Money with Mobile Phones

Dos and Don’ts of Running a Brick and Mortar Cell Phone Store

Dos and Don’t of Buying Wholesale Mobile Phones

How to Choose a Mobile Phone Wholesaler

How to Make Money with a Cell Phone Website

How to Make Money Selling Mobile Phones on Craigslist

How to Make Money with Mobile Phones and Amazon

How to Make Money Selling Mobile Phones on eBay

How to Make Money with Cell Phones and LinkShare

How to Make Money with Mobile Phone Affiliate Programs

How You Can Make Money with Ringtones

How to Make Money with Cell Phone Related Articles

Volume 16 - The Mobile Computing And Mobile Devices - (29 Pages) Delivered in PDF format

A Short History

The Handheld Gadgets

The Pocket Pcs

Cellular Phones For Mobile Computing Solutions

A New Way Of Learning Through Mobile Computing

The Trend Of A Company To Use Mobile Computing Devices

Mobile Computing: What It Can Do To Your Business?

The Essence Of Mobile Computing

The Society Of Mobile Computing

Mobile Computing Gadgets And Their Features

The Role Of Wireless Router In The Mobile Computing Industry



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